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Expert network design and implementation for maximum connectivity and security

VLCM is a trusted and reliable provider of networking solutions that has been serving businesses for many years. We understand the critical role that networks play in today's digital age, and our mission is to help businesses improve their connectivity, security, and overall performance.

Our team of experienced networking experts has a deep understanding of wired and wireless networks, as well as the latest industry standards and technologies. We work closely with our clients to design, deploy, and maintain their networks, ensuring that they are optimized for maximum performance and security.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing network, implement a new networking solution, or simply need help maintaining your current network, we have the expertise and experience to help. We offer a range of services, including consulting, equipment configuration, proactive and reactive support agreements, design validation, emergency outage assessment and repair, network security consulting and review, deployment services, and network documentation.


Our Industry-Leading Networking Partners

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Our Wired and Wireless Network Service Offerings


Consulting services

We provide consulting services that help you choose the right networking solutions that fit your business needs. Our experts work with you to understand your requirements and design a customized network solution that meets your specific needs. We also provide compliance specification review to ensure that your network meets regulatory standards.


Equipment configuration

We help you configure your networking equipment, including routers, switches, and access points. Our experts ensure that your equipment is optimized for maximum performance and security.


Proactive and reactive support agreements

We offer proactive and reactive support agreements to help you maintain your network.

design validation

Design validation

We provide design validation services to ensure that your network design meets your business requirements. Our experts use advanced tools and techniques to validate your network design and identify potential issues.


Emergency outage assessment and repair

We provide emergency outage assessment and repair services to help you quickly recover from network outages. Our experts work around the clock to restore your network to its normal state.


Network security consulting and review

We offer network security consulting and review services to help you improve the security of your network. Our experts identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations to secure your network.


Deployment services

We provide deployment services to help you implement your networking solution. Our experts ensure that your network is properly installed and configured.


Network documentation

We provide network documentation services that include topology and functionality. Our experts provide detailed documentation of your network, including its design, configuration, and security features.

Featured HPE Data Center Solutions


VLCM has maintained a long-standing partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) for over 10 years, which speaks to the strength and success of their collaboration. As a Platinum-level partner, VLCM has access to HPE's latest technologies, tools, and resources, allowing them to provide customers with the most advanced hardware and software solutions. The partnership has enabled VLCM to offer HPE's comprehensive range of products, such as servers, storage, networking equipment, and cloud-based solutions, to their customers. This ensures that customers can enjoy a robust IT infrastructure that is fast, secure, and scalable, supported by exceptional service and support from both companies. VLCM and HPE's partnership offers customers a competitive edge in the market, allowing them to streamline their operations and focus on their core business, while enjoying the benefits of the latest IT innovations.

Harness Agility and Security NaaS with HPE GreenLake for Networking

Gain flexibility with HPE GreenLake's secure, scalable network solutions.

Simplify Network Management with Aruba Central

The AI-powered, cloud-based network management solution for branch, campus, remote, and data center networks.

What is SD-WAN?

Everything you want to know about SD-WAN but are afraid to ask.

Aruba Edge Services Platform (ESP)

Protect your network from edge-to-cloud with Zero Trust and SASE

Enabling and Supporting the Modernized Higher Education Network with Aruba + VLCM

4 ways Aruba + VLCM can modernize your network using Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform).

Secure State and Local Government Solutions from Aruba

Meet the demands of today and the future with Aruba ESP.

Aruba’s K-12 Network Solutions

Our goal: empower students, teachers, and staff at every school.

Aruba ClearPass for Secure Network Access Control

Device visibility, control, and attack response for the enterprise.



"I can not say enough about the technicians that VLCM has on staff. They are the exact people I would want working on my network any time. We were able to clean up our network, make it more manageable, and do so with only a short outage. I would highly recommend VLCM services to any customer large or small. They have consistently helped complete projects on time and below budget."
- Todd H., Nelson Labs

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