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Navigating the complexities of modern enterprise technology can leave businesses grappling with inefficiencies, security risks, and regulatory challenges. VLCM understands these concerns and offers a robust suite of services in Networking, Infrastructure, and Cloud solutions to address them. By focusing on custom-fit technology strategies and end-to-end support, we provide value that goes beyond mere implementation—aligning IT capabilities with business objectives. Trust VLCM for "Getting IT Right," ensuring your technology is an asset, not an obstacle.




5 Ways VLCM Gets IT Right

Building Lasting Relationships

Our approach prioritizes mutual trust and respect with both vendors and customers. With VLCM, partnership means a shared journey toward success and happiness for all involved.

Expert Engineers

Our engineers stay ahead of the technology curve to deliver exceptional IT solutions. Our expertise ensures that we tackle your challenges effectively, aligning solutions with your business needs.

Generous with Knowledge

We foster an ecosystem of learning and collaboration for IT professionals. From webinars to lunch-and-learns, we provide valuable resources to keep you updated and competitive in the industry.

Forging Trusted Partnerships

Our vendor partnerships are chosen carefully and maintained meticulously, ensuring that you benefit from tailored solutions that genuinely fit your unique needs.

Unparalleled Customer Support

Exceptional support is not an afterthought but a commitment. We provide proactive and comprehensive service to ensure minimal downtime and efficient operations for your business.



Networking Services

For businesses seeking robust and secure networking solutions, VLCM offers a comprehensive suite of services. From tailored strategy and compliance review to deployment and ongoing support, our expertise ensures an optimized network that aligns with your specific needs. Choose VLCM for networking that strengthens, rather than hinders, your business operations.

Our Top Specializations:

HPE Aruba Networking, Arista Networks, Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, Meraki, Fortinet, Juniper, and more.

  • Consulting services: Tailored network strategies to meet your unique needs.
  • Compliance Specification Review: Ensure you meet industry standards.
  • Design: Optimal network design for enhanced performance.
  • Deployment Services: Efficient and secure network rollouts.
  • Equipment Configuration: Setting you up for immediate functionality.
  • Support Agreements: Both proactive and reactive options available.
  • Emergency Outage Assessment and Repair: Minimize downtime during critical events.
  • Network Assessments/Audits/Documentation: Comprehensive evaluation for informed decision-making.
  • Network Security Consulting and Review: Expert insights into your network vulnerabilities.

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Infrastructure Services

VLCM delivers a comprehensive range of infrastructure services designed to meet your organization's specific requirements. From initial planning and compliance review to deployment and security consulting, we offer full-scope solutions that align with your operational objectives.

Our Top Specializations:

VMWare, HPE, and more.

  • Consulting Services: Cloud and infrastructure planning.
  • Compliance Review: Regulatory assessment and guidance.
  • Design: Efficient infrastructure for your needs.
  • Deployment Services: Seamless transition to new systems.
  • Equipment Configuration: Ready-to-use setups.
  • Support Agreements: Customizable plans for ongoing support.
  • Infrastructure Assessments/Audits/Documentation: Full-scope evaluations for smart choices.
  • Infrastructure Security Consulting and Review: Identifying and remedying potential risks.

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Cloud Services

Leverage the power of Microsoft's cloud capabilities with VLCM's specialized services. From consulting to deployment, we offer tailored solutions that harness Microsoft's cloud technologies to achieve your business goals. Benefit from our expertise in maximizing efficiency, security, and productivity in Microsoft cloud environments.

Our Top Microsoft Specializations:

Specializing in Microsoft Office, Active Directory, Azure Services, InTune, and On-Prem Microsoft.

  • Consulting Services: Guidance on maximizing Microsoft technologies.
  • Compliance Review: Streamlining regulatory conformity.
  • Design: Building Microsoft-based solutions for your operations.
  • Deployment Services: Fast and efficient implementation of Microsoft tools.
  • Equipment Configuration: Immediate usability and maximum productivity.
  • Support Agreements: Options for both proactive and reactive support.
  • Assessments/Audits/Documentation: Detailed examinations for effective strategy.
  • Security Consulting and Review: Ensuring the integrity of your Microsoft applications.
  • Incident Response and Mitigation Assistance: Rapid action for critical situations.

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