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Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN

Optimize edge-to-cloud connectivity with HPE Aruba Networking's SD-WAN and SASE solution, ensuring fast, secure access to your data and applications.
Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise Gateways Family

The Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise SD-WAN Platform increases productivity, lowers cost, and is business-first. 

Aruba EdgeConnect enables customers to build a unified WAN edge that is business-driven, delivers the highest quality of experience, and continuously adapts to changing business needs and network conditions. It is designed to enable enterprises to fully realize the transformational promise of the cloud.

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Making the Shift to a Business-First Networking Model


Boost Productivity

Minimize network downtime with Aruba EdgeConnect, keeping your business operations smooth and efficient.

reduced costs

Reduce Costs

Cut down on network expenses with EdgeConnect's optimized WAN usage, achieving a balance between performance and cost-effectiveness.


Enhanced Security

Fortify your data and network access against cyber threats with EdgeConnect's comprehensive security features.


Simplified Network Management

Adapt quickly to business and network changes with EdgeConnect's efficient management, enhancing your operational agility.

Learn more about Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)


An Introductory Guide to Unified SASE

Read for a simpler, more cost-effective journey to SASE.

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Unified SASE: What is it? And Why do you need it? 

Tackle today's challenges with a single-vendor security solution that evolves secure connectivity.

architect sase

The Architect's Guide to Adopting SASE

Read this guide to learn how to implement SASE frameworks effectively, enhancing your business's security, networking, and user experiences with expert insights.

Aruba EdgeConnect Unified SD-WAN Fabric

Watch how Aruba EdgeConnect provides a unified SD-WAN fabric that connects users and devices accessing the network from different locations, such as the corporate network, retail stores and home office to meet various business needs in an automated, secure and agile way.

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