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VLCM offers a wide range of physical security products and services, including access control systems, surveillance cameras, intrusion detection systems, and more. Whether you need to secure a single location or multiple sites, we have the expertise and resources to deliver the physical security solutions you need.

Our team of experts will work with you to design a customized physical security plan that meets your specific needs and budget. We use the latest technology and industry best practices to ensure that your premises are protected 24/7. 



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Access Control

Access control regulates and controls access to a facility using technology like keycards, PIN codes, and biometric scanners. Our customized solutions are easy for IT teams to manage and integrate with existing infrastructure. VLCM offers cloud-based and on-premises systems, wireless locks, access credentials, and emergency lockdowns. Improve security posture, protect assets, and ensure safety with access control. What we offer:

  • On-premises access control systems
  • Cloud access control systems
  • Electronic locks
  • Locker locks
  • Electronic padlock
  • Wall readers
  • Access controllers
  • Panic bars and emergency exit devices
  • Peripherals - video door phones, audio and visual
  • Access credentials - cards, fobs, mobile credentials
  • Cards, fobs, mobile credentials
  • Door reader
  • Wireless locks
  • Door access, including emergency lockdowns
  • Guest check-in
  • Access control cabling and installation
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Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is an essential component of any physical security system, providing real-time monitoring and recording of activity within a facility. Video surveillance systems can be integrated with IT infrastructure, allowing for secure and reliable storage and management of video footage. These systems can range from simple camera setups to advanced systems with facial recognition and analytics capabilities. At VLCM, we offer a range of video surveillance solutions designed to provide customized, secure, and scalable monitoring of your premises. Our team of IT experts will work with you to design a system that meets your specific needs, using the latest technology and industry best practices. By implementing a video surveillance system, businesses can improve their overall security posture, protect their assets, and maintain the safety of their employees and visitors, while also ensuring that their IT infrastructure is secure and reliable.

  • IP cameras
  • Analog cameras
  • Video analytics
  • Video software
  • Cloud and on-premise–based systems
  • Camera cabling and installation



Alarms provide real-time notification and response to security breaches in any physical security system. With IT integration, modern alarm systems enable secure and reliable monitoring and management, ranging from local to networked systems with centralized reporting. VLCM's alarm offerings include:

  • Professional monitoring
  • Intrusion detection
  • Panic button
  • Control panels and keypads
  • Audio and visual deterrents
  • Alarm cabling and installation


Customer Success Story

Securing the City of Santa Clara with Verkada Cameras

Santa Clara City engaged VLCM's Physical Security Team to install a video security system at City Hall, which then expanded to include the Parks and Public Works and Utilities Departments. VLCM used Verkada security cameras and their accompanying management dashboard, with their easy-to-use system and plug-and-go deployments being a perfect match for Santa Clara City. The success of the project led to conversations for further security expansion, and in 2023, VLCM implemented Verkada Access Control for a more comprehensive security system across multiple locations.

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Verkada’s powerful new tools that better protect people and places

Verkada launched a new product line to improve security solutions with updated features and capabilities. The latest offerings include Verkada Intercom, Next-Generation Bullet Cameras, Horn Speaker, and Enhanced Command Interface, enhancing image quality, analytics, and user experience. Verkada's new products and updates are designed to work together to keep organizations safer and transform their operations. Check out the handy infographic for a quick summary.

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VLCM's Physical Security Line Card

Take the first step towards enhancing your physical security by exploring our comprehensive line card. With access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and alarm systems, we've got you covered. Download to learn more and secure your business today.

How to easily scale security cameras and access control with Verkada

Discover how Verkada simplifies and secures your physical security systems. Learn how its cloud-based platform and advanced features streamline operations and eliminate vulnerabilities.

Verkada’s powerful new tools that better protect people and places

Explore Verkada's latest product updates, including Verkada Intercom, Next-Generation Bullet Cameras, Horn Speaker, and Enhanced Command Interface, enhancing image quality, analytics, and user experience.

Physical Security Knowledge Base Library

View helpful resources from Salto and Verkada.

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