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Manage, support, and secure your network with Aruba ESP

The university campus is highly complex and requires continuous collaboration between academic, facility, and IT staff to support student success. To enable always-on, secure, and everywhere connectivity for users and devices on campus, the network needs to be smart, scalable, and always evolving. Aruba delivers great user experiences, even in the most challenging environments. 

Why VLCM + Aruba for Higher Ed


Aruba ESP in Higher Education

Is your network ready for Education at the Edge? Now it can be with Aruba ESP. As the demand for smart learning spaces, safer environments & flexibility grows in the hybrid campus, so do the challenges. Discover how Aruba ESP can help you connect, protect, and automate your network. 




What is Aruba Edge Services Platform?

Aruba’s Edge Services Platform includes assurance and orchestration features to maximize up-time, optimize user experiences, and reduce the time to troubleshoot issues to root cause. Automated network assurance delivers AIOps insights from a single pane of glass, while edge-to-cloud experience monitoring generates automated AI-based alerts that proactively pinpoint critical application and network issues.

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Key Benefits of Aruba Edge Services Platform for Higher Education:

Unified Infrastructure

  • Unify network operations across wired, wireless, and WAN for all campus areas.
  • Simplify setup with mobile installer app for quick, non-technical deployment.

Zero-Trust Security

  • Simplify Wi-Fi access and segment student, educator, and administrator traffic.
  • Automate “role-based policy” for Zero Trust security without added complexity.
  • Easily deploy and secure IoT devices like cameras, HVAC, lighting, and door locks.


  • Prioritize essential services for optimal performance without disrupting experiences.
  • Ensure connectivity across the entire campus, indoors and outdoors.
  • Predict network issues, avoid downtime, and leverage advanced analytics for insights.
  • Optimize network settings using learnings from similar institutions.

Institutional Value

  • Enhance engagement with indoor navigation and location-based notifications.
  • Ensure safety with presence-based Wi-Fi analytics, IoT, and partner integrations.



Anywhere Education: Moving teaching and learning online

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Graduate to Secure Networks in Higher Education

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Why HPE Aruba Networking?

  • Aruba’s Edge Services Platform adapts and scales, without a rip and replace approach or vendor lock-in.
  • A software-defined foundation since day one; and role and device-based access policy controls, and policy enforcement firewall (PEF) which are unique to Aruba.
  • Dynamic Segmentation that extends Aruba’s unique wireless role-based policy feature to wired switches so the same security, experience and simplified IT management can be enjoyed throughout the entire access layer.
  • The first networking vendor to begin delivering AI/ML for networking (ClientMatch, AirMatch); subject matter experts in networking and data science who use a dataset that can’t be matched by Aruba's competitors.

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