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VLCM Cybersecurity Services

How we help organizations be more cyber secure.

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We help organizations protect their data and their business by working with the best and brightest cybersecurity architects.

At VLCM, we help organizations of all shapes and sizes be more cyber secure by implementing layered security strategies and partnering with a wide range of top cybersecurity vendors to develop the best cybersecurity defense for your unique organization.

VLCM's Cybersecurity Solution Strategy


The Discovery Process

First, we engage in a discovery process to identify the cybersecurity risks within your systems, assets, data, and capabilities. 

Here, we understand your business context, the resources that support critical functions, and the related cybersecurity risks that will help develop a Cybersecurity Framework to assess and improve your cyber resiliency. 


Risk Assessment

Next, we conduct a risk assessment to understand what your current IT infrastructure looks like and what potential vulnerabilities, threats, and security gaps exist.

Our assessment will also help determine the likelihood of a threat event and the potential for success and impact.


Custom Cybersecurity Strategy

We then distill this information and provide you with a custom Cybersecurity Solutions Strategy designed to remediate any vulnerabilities, threats, or security issues. Your report will include current, sector-specific tolls and resources that map to your Cybersecurity Framework. 

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Enterprise Security Solutions

VLCM’s Cybersecurity Team offers leading industry expertise to design, implement, and support the right cybersecurity solutions.
  • Application Security (AppSec)
  • Advanced threat protection (ATP)
  • Cloud security
  • Configuration management
  • Data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Identity and access management (IAM)
  • Log management and analysis
  • Managed detection and response (MDR)
  • Mobile device management (MDM)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Next-generation end-point protection
  • Next-generation email protection
  • Penetration testing
  • Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • Vulnerability Management

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Today’s cyber threats are relentless and are always evolving. The reality is your IT staff can’t monitor your network 24-7-365 for threats.

A managed detection and response (MDR) solution will give you peace of mind knowing that your network is being monitored by experienced cybersecurity analysts who will quickly respond to any potential threats to your network and your data.

If your organization is required to meet State or Federal data security compliance requirements, then an MDR solution is an invaluable service to help you attain the necessary level of compliance.

Compliance Management

Almost every organization today is subject to federal, state or local compliance requirements. VLCM is well versed in many of the major compliance requirements including PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, ISO, and many others.

We can evaluate your current compliance posture, identify deficiencies, and make the necessary recommendations to bring your organization into compliance. Our Compliance Management Service can also assist your organization in developing the necessary policies and procedures to help keep your organization compliant.

We can help you get Cyber Insurance Ready

Cyber resilience helps an organization protect against cyber risks, defend against and limit the severity of attacks, and ensure its continued survival despite an attack. VLCM and our partners together can help you check the necessary boxes required for Cyber Insurance.

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VLCM works with your Executives, IT Department, and your Cyber Insurance Risk Advisor to review your Network and walk you through implementing the following solutions:

  • Next-Generation Antivirus
  • Endpoint and cloud workload protection
  • IT hygiene and cloud security posture management
  • Firewall management and vulnerability management
  • Identity management, multifactor authentication (MFA) and Zero Trust
  • Threat intelligence and threat hunting
  • Enterprise detection and response (EDR) or managed detection and response (MDR)
  • Development security operations (DevSecOps)

Featured Cybersecurity Partners + Solutions


Check Point Infinity

As the ONLY consolidated cyber security solution across cloud, networks, endpoints, mobile, and IoT, Check Point Infinity is the most advanced AI-based threat Intelligence and prevention solution out there.

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Barracuda Sentinel

Barracuda Sentinel combines artificial intelligence, deep integration with Microsoft Office 365, and brand protection into a comprehensive cloud-based solution that guards against these potentially devastating attacks.

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Sophos Intercept X

Sophos Intercept X stops the widest range of attacks with a unique combination of deep learning malware detection, exploit prevention, anti-ransomware, and more.

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Aruba ClearPass

With ClearPass, your network can deliver profiling, policy enforcement, guest access, BYOD onboarding, and more to offer IT-offload, enhanced threat protection, and an improved user experience. As a Platinum-Level Aruba Networks partner holding the Aruba ClearPass Specialization, VLCM has the highest-certified engineers to design, implement, and test your ClearPass environment.

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IT's Quick Security Checklist for Remote Workers

From client-side security, to saving money back at the office, this quick checklist will cover the security measures you should be taking during these uncertain times.

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