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Aruba’s K-12 Network Solutions

Empower students and faculty with smarter networking solutions

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Our goal: empower students, teachers, and staff at every school

K-12 education institutions continue to adopt more cloud-based technologies, increase the number of 1:1 initiatives (one computing device per student) while also moving from traditional books to the delivery of academic apps, OERs (open educational resources) and digital curricula.

In addition, online testing and higher bandwidth requirements are continuing to drive network infrastructure refresh and upgrade cycles. Aruba solutions have the right scale, reliability, and security to deliver an intelligent Edge Services Platform that can empower students, teachers, and staff at every school.


Aruba ESP in K-12 Education

Hybrid K-12 instruction requires flexibility. Whether remote or in-person learning, you need a platform that can support it. That platform is Aruba ESP.




What is Aruba Edge Services Platform?

Aruba’s Edge Services Platform includes assurance and orchestration features to maximize up-time, optimize user experiences, and reduce the time to troubleshoot issues to root cause. Automated network assurance delivers AIOps insights from a single pane of glass, while edge-to-cloud experience monitoring generates automated AI-based alerts that proactively pinpoint critical application and network issues.

Key Benefits of Aruba Edge Services Platform for K-12:

Unified Infrastructure

  • Reliable connectivity with seamless Wi-Fi roaming and best device to AP performance; architected for capacity, uptime; high density HPE Smart Rate multi-gigabit switches provide plenty of PoE+ for APs and IoT devices.
  • Simplified network operations with Cloud-managed or on-prem network management.

Zero-Trust Security

  • Built-in deep packet inspection with policy enforcement firewall (PEF); secure student, teacher, guest, and IoT access; device visibility, profiling and Dynamic Segmentation secures connections while simplifying IT operations.
  • Ensure PCI compliance by segmenting transaction data from IoT or school data.


  • Connectivity and app performance features lets you quickly see network performance from a user’s perspective; proactively identify mission critical application and network service issues - before they impact users or the school as a whole; value-added visitor access, presence analytics & site health insights that help you get ahead of issues.

Institutional Value

  • Keep the community safe with presence-based Wi-Fi analytics, IoT, and integrations with partners such as React Mobile, Amberbox, AiRISTA Flow, CXApp, Kiana Analytics, Modo Labs, and Skyfii., to ensure school and student safety and support social distancing and contact tracing.
  • Leverage network infrastructure for building system integration and reduce costs with IoT based security cameras, vending machines and HVAC controls.

Edge-to-cloud security, especially for K-12

A high level overview of the Aruba solutions that help with Cyber Security in the Primary Education (K12) vertical. This at-a-glance document outlines zero trust, Dynamic Segmentation and role-based access.

View At-A-Glance

at a glance edge to cloud security preview




Why Aruba?

  • Aruba’s Edge Services Platform adapts and scales, without a rip and replace approach or vendor lock-in.
  • A software-defined foundation since day one; and role and device-based access policy controls, and policy enforcement firewall (PEF) which are unique to Aruba.
  • Dynamic Segmentation that extends Aruba’s unique wireless role-based policy feature to wired switches so the same security, experience and simplified IT management can be enjoyed throughout the entire access layer.

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