Hardware-powered PC security

Zero Trust with HP Wolf Security




The building blocks of a better defense

The security products in the HP Wolf Security for Business portfolio work together in the background to protect your business PCs. 

Hardware-Enforced Security

Robust endpoint protection built-in to HP PCs with full-stack security from hardware to cloud.

Industry-Leading Endpoint Security Software

HP Wolf Security reduces the addressable attack surface and enables remote recovery from firmware attacks. From self-healing firmware and in-memory breach detection to threat containment via isolation, HP Wolf Security fortifies your first line of defense.

Security Services for Businesses of Every Size

Manage risk seamlessly, enable worry-free remote work, and ensure rapid IT disaster recovery at scale. Maintain operational integrity while driving innovation.

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Cyber predators work after hours. You need security that does that too.

As cybercriminals target endpoints in the evolving workplace, HP Wolf Security safeguards your people and your businesses with always-on always watching hardware-enforced protection.

Threat Containment

CPU-enforced malware prevention stops phishing and ransomware attacks, while reducing overall alert volume.
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Lost or Stolen Hardware

Remotely locate, lock, and wipe a lost or stolen PC. HP Protect and Trace protects data, reduces operational burden, and can eliminate breach notifications.
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Resources to help you on your security journey

cyberconflict preview

Top 4 Cybersecurity Risks and How HP Wolf Security Can Help You Mitigate Them

This blog dives into the top 4 cybersecurity risks—phishing, malware, insider threats, and ransomware—and offers effective mitigation strategies using HP Wolf Security. 

hp hybrid workforce report preview

A New Era: Securing the Hybrid Workforce Report

Read the report to learn how HP Wolf Security laptops, like HP Premium EliteBooks and Z Workstations, protect at the point of attack. 

blurred lines and blindspots

Blurred Lines and Blindspots

The data in this report highlights the limitations of the perimeter security model for securing remote workers, including the burden it places on security teams.

zero trust security

Zero Trust with HP Wolf Enterprise Security

In this document, HP presents an overview of zero trust and discusses how HP furthers this concept for PC endpoints.

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