Empower your distributed workplace with desktop virtualization

Ensure business continuity and secure and safe productivity with HPE Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) delivered as a service.


Reach your VDI goals with an as-as-service consumption model

In today's fast-paced world, employees need to be able to access their work from anywhere, at any time. With HPE GreenLake for Virtual Desktop, you can give your employees the flexibility and mobility they need, while still maintaining the security and control you need in a consumption-based model.

HPE GreenLake for Virtual Desktops is a cutting-edge, scalable solution that provides users with secure access to their virtual desktop environment from any device, anywhere. This means that employees can work from the office, from home, or on the go, without sacrificing performance or security.

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HPE GreenLake for VDI Benefits




Easily scale your virtual desktop infrastructure to meet the needs of your growing business.



Enhance security by keeping apps and data tightly controlled in the data center. Secure sensitive information by transferring only encrypted pixels, eliminating data interceptions.

user experience

Improved User Experience

Provide a fast, seamless, and user-friendly experience for your employees, no matter where they work, when you harness the unmatched processing power speed of virtual GPUs.

areduced costs

Reduced Costs

Reduce IT operational expenses through end‑user support reductions and productivity gains. Pay for the resources you consume as you consume them, based on transparent, easy-to-understand usage metrics.

quick deployment

Quick Deployment

Avoid lengthy rollouts with quick-to-deploy, preconfigured, turnkey solutions.

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