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Evaluating Your School's Physical Security Strategy

On-Demand Webinar



Let's improve campus security

Schools often find it challenging, and sometimes impossible, to investigate campus-related incidents. A good physical security system, however, could easily mitigate theft, vandalism, bullying, and vaping.

Watch our on-demand webinar where we’ll demonstrate how over 1200 school districts are using Verkada’s all-in-one solution, with video security, access control, and environmental sensors, to:

  • Proactively respond to incidents remotely on any device via encrypted access
  • Detect vaping, motion, and occupancy in bathrooms, locker rooms, and other private areas.
  • Leverage AI-enabled features to protect students and faculty against COVID-19 (qualifying Verkada as a purchase under CARES Act funding)
  • Easily share links of live footage via SMS or email in an emergency situation

All attending webinar participants will also receive free Verkada trial cameras.

  • Air Date
    April 8, 2021
  • On-Demand Webinar

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