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How to Maximize Your School System's CARES Act Funding 

On-Demand Webinar


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Discover how to maximize your school system's CARES Act Funding

Within literally weeks, you had to ensure that your school or district network infrastructure and IT ecosystem were capable of weathering emergency remote learning all while planning for students to be physically back in school in the fall and improving ongoing distance learning contingencies for the foreseeable future. 
This webinar will cover some of the current challenges regarding the global pandemic and review some of the immediate options for IT to address requirements for stakeholders - admins, staff, teachers, and students in the most unusual of times.
We'll dive into the CARES Act and how you can utilize this emergency funding relief program to your advantage. 


  • Current challenges & today's unique K-12 reality
  • Look at current realities including response and temporary solutions
  • Dig into the CARES Act and current legislative efforts aimed at helping schools respond to Coronavirus  
  • Go over Aruba's technology solutions like Wi-Fi enabled devices and critical learning apps
  • Next steps and tips for maximizing funding for your department through the U.S. CARES Act
  • Original Air-Date:
    July 9, 2020
  • On-Demand Webinar

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