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Disaster Recovery Solutions

Your Business: Always On

Reliable Business Continuity Solutions

Don't let your empire crumble when a virus or a hardware failure strikes. Data is the backbone of your organization and it must be protected by the strongest armor and battalion. In a report by the Aberdeen Group, it is estimated that for every hour of IT downtime, an average of $163,000* is lost. 


VLCM's Solutions Architects have the expertise to prevent and recover your business from a data-apocalypse. By streamlining backup with integrated software; state-of-the-art appliances; Disaster Recovery as a Service; and/or cloud for storage efficiency, your network has the ability to be protected from IT disasters such as infrastructure failure; software collapse; natural disaster; and even human error.
Having a reliable disaster recovery solution can make the difference between a business with a thriving future, and one that has to close its doors. Offering recovery plans structured around both physical and virtual environments, VLCM's certified experts can tailor air-tight storage and replication, physical, and cloud-based solutions to your business.
"Most recently, VLCM helped me to source an affordable solution for data storage. We were able to increase our capacity to store backups. The experience has been top notch after working with VLCM for almost 7 years now."
- Kirk G., Unicity International

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