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Lighten your load with IT automation and delegation

On-Demand Webinar



Safely delegate routine IT tasks

Cimitra is an IT automation and delegation software platform. The problem is that IT people can’t securely delegate routine tasks in the form of scripts and commands. Cimitra allows IT people to reduce the amount of admin privileges that are given out, because each script or command can be set with only the necessary rights. With the security in place, IT admins can delegate tasks to the help desk, other IT members or even business users. Gartner calls it the Democratization of Expertise. Meaning that the experts can securely share their expertise for the benefit of the organization. 

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • The business value in reducing tasks that need to escalate to senior IT people, freeing them to perform more strategic tasks, yet remain in control of the tools they created and are repetitively used.
  • How IT teams can share and delegate with confidence because the UI is extremely intuitive. 
  • How Cimitra creates a more efficient help desk, with better sharing of inter-IT tools 
  • How Cimitra saves you money 
  • Air Date
    February 4, 2021
  • On-Demand Webinar
  • People who would benefit from this webinar:
    Those with a strong commitment to automation and those with a basic level of scripting expertise.

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