HPE ProLiant

Engineered for Your Hybrid World

Experience the power of next-gen compute with HPE ProLiant, a solution designed to disrupt your IT landscape, spanning from the edge to the cloud. This transformative offering propels your business forward, delivering robust, secure, and optimized performance for your workloads.

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Power new insights, innovation, and competitive advantage to drive your business forward.

Delivering unmatched server automation, server security, server optimization, and built-in intelligence

Today’s hybrid cloud reality requires a flexible software-defined approach, building on a foundation of intelligence that begins with the server. HPE ProLiant is that intelligent compute foundation for hybrid cloud, delivering unmatched workload optimization, security and automation, all available as-a-service.

Trust in Security - Designed By HPE

In an era of escalating threats, security is no longer optional. HPE ProLiant ensures uncompromising protection, from silicon to software, from the factory to the cloud. Trust in the robust edge-to-cloud security posture, backed by an HPE compute core hardened through a proven zero-trust approach, effectively safeguarding your infrastructure, workloads, and data from threats and third-party software risks.

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Workload Performance, Optimized

Demand performance that accelerates any workload - from the data center to the edge. With HPE ProLiant, achieve advantageous efficiencies to power your applications and accelerate innovation. This solution addresses the new wave of data center needs, delivering efficiencies at scale and driving the performance your enterprise demands.

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HPE ProLiant Key Features

Private and Hybrid Cloud

Achieve deployment efficiency, scale instantly, and enjoy seamless support and lifecycle management.

AI/ML and Containers

Leverage the power of AI and ML. Transform your operations and gain a competitive edge.

Data Management and Analytics

Harness the power of your data. Gain actionable insights, improve decision-making, and drive your business forward.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Enhance efficiency, security, and accessibility. Ensure uncompromising security and a unified operating experience.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) on HPE ProLiant Servers

HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers offer a tailored solution for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), combining security, scalability, and performance to meet diverse business needs. By centralizing computing resources and delivering individual virtual desktops, these servers enable better resource allocation, reduced IT complexity, and enhanced remote work capabilities.

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  • Remote Work Efficiency: Reliable connectivity and unified manageability enable employees to work remotely and interchangeably without hindrance.
  • Scalability & Adaptation: Easily scale up or down to meet unpredictable factors, achieving seamless transition between environments and maximizing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through server consolidation.
  • Security & Trust: With HPE's Silicon Root of Trust, organizations receive an unbreakable security foundation that can recover itself from malicious attacks, satisfying rigorous cybersecurity standards.
  • Performance & Automation: Utilizing the latest technologies like HPE InfoSight predictive analytics and Intel® Xeon® processors, these servers provide up to 60% performance gain and automation to optimize workload resources.
  • Flexible Solutions: From ProLiant Rack to HPE Moonshot, various solutions are optimized for different workloads, offering high performance per dollar and watt, and vast flexibility across all major VDI and application virtualization vendors.

HPE ProLiant Resources

HPE ProLiant Gen11 Family Guide

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How HPE ProLiant Implements the Zero Trust Model

Explore the power of Zero Trust security with HPE ProLiant on our blog. Delve into how this revolutionary approach safeguards your entire IT infrastructure, offering peace of mind in an increasingly complex digital world. Don't let security concerns slow down your business growth. Read the blog and see how HPE ProLiant could be your key to a safer, more secure future.