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Aruba Central

Cloud Network Management and Operations

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Cloud networking and AIOps for campus, branch, and remote environments

Aruba Central is the single pane of glass for all Aruba ESP operations, delivering AIOps, Unified Infrastructure, and Zero Trust Security for large campus, branch, remote, and VPN environments.

It is the only cloud-native solution that orchestrates WLAN, wired, SD-WAN, and VPN infrastructure and offers flexible deployment options.

The bottom line? Aruba Central is designed to simplify the deployment, management and optimization of WLAN, LAN, VPN and SD-WAN.

Welcome to Smart + Simple IT 

Save time AND resources with streamlined workflows, centralized monitoring and control, built-in AIOps, detailed alerts, reporting, and troubleshooting. 

With Aruba Central, IT can speed less time on managing the infrastructure, and more on creating value for the business.

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Streamline Network Operations

It all starts with an interface that is informative and easy to use: 
  • Gain direct access to manage network and security infrastructure and configuration
  • Add or remove devices and licenses
  • Integrate with existing IT systems
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) gets new infrastructure devices up and running

Aruba Central provides quick and easy access from just a single pane of glass - saving you time and reducing the learning curve while improving how your network performs.



Advanced AIOps

With continuous monitoring, AI-based insights provide real-time visibility and alerts into what’s happening in the wireless LAN, switching, and SD-WAN infrastructure. The insights leverage a growing pool of network data, and deep domain experience.
  • User Experience Insight (UXI) integration
    • Directly view and monitor UXI health status
    • When a problem is uncovered, quickly identify systematic issues across a global topography, and access the full UXI dashboard for advanced troubleshooting

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Remote Teleworker Services

Manage secure overlay VPN tunnels from APs and VIA VPN clients to SD-WAN gateways deployed in data centers or public cloud infrastructure. With Aruba Central, IT can easily scale network infrastructure to support thousands of remote users who need access to corporate applications and services.

Pro-Tip: for existing Aruba users with APs running Aruba Instant or APs with IAP-VPN connections, it’s easy to convert to an Aruba Central-managed VPN platform.

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Automated Mobile and IoT Device Security

To facilitate the deployment of mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Aruba Central can directly display information gathered from Aruba ClearPass Device Insight, which offers AI/ML based profiling. Device Insight automatically categorizes all devices on any wired or wireless network.

The use of packet inspection also allows Aruba Central to create behavioral profiles for the devices connected to the network. IT can use Aruba Central to see specific traffic patterns for any device to ensure that a device is actually what it is displayed as.

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