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Cloud and SASE - Continued Disruption

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Total Cloud Security

SASE, the latest hot topic in cybersecurity, stands for secure access service edge. SASE refers to the consolidation of security solutions and the evolving IT ecosystem in which organizations operate today. In a world where mobile device access, remote work, and cloud-based tools are the norm, organizations must think differently about security. Anytime, anywhere data access must be secured through context-aware solutions that enforce policies based on users’ identities, devices, requested services, and more. Fortunately, SASE offerings are intelligent, multi-faceted security platforms that can apply granular security measures across an organization’s entire IT ecosystem. Naturally, this means that these platforms must be built for and in the cloud.
  • Original Air Date:
    May 27, 2020
  • On-Demand Webinar
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    $20 Amazon Gift Card for those who complete a virtual demo with Bitglass.

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