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Aruba ClearPass for Secure Network Access Control

Do you know who or what is connecting to your network?

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Get a crystal-clear view of your networks

Device visibility, control, and attack response for the enterprise

From IoT to an always-on mobile workforce, organizations are more exposed to attacks than ever before. With Aruba ClearPass, you get agentless visibility and dynamic role-based access control for seamless security enforcement and response across your wired and wireless networks.

With ClearPass, your network can deliver profiling, policy enforcement, guest access, BYOD onboarding, and more to offer IT-offload, enhanced threat protection, and an improved user experience. As a Platinum-Level Aruba Networks partner holding the Aruba ClearPass Specialization, VLCM has the highest-certified engineers to design, implement, and test your ClearPass environment.

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Start with a 3-step plan

The boundaries of ITs domain now extend beyond the four walls of a business. And the goal for organizations is to provide anytime, anywhere connectivity without sacrificing security. 

How does IT maintain visibility and control without impacting the business and user experience? It starts with a 3-step plan.


  • Identify

    what devices are being used, how many, where they're connecting from, and which operating systems are supported - this provides the foundation of visibility. Continuous insight into the enterprise-wide device landscape and potential device security corruption, as well as, which elements come and go gives you the visibility required over time.

  • Enforce

    accurate policies that provide proper user and device access, regardless of user, device type or location; this provides an expected user experience. Organizations must adapt to today's evolving devices and their use - whether the device is a smartphone or surveillance camera.

  • Protect

    resources via dynamic policy controls and real-time threat remediation that extends to third-party systems. This is the last piece of the puzzle. Being prepared for unusual network behavior at 3 AM requires a unified approach that can block traffic and change the status of a device's connection.

Agentless policy control and automated response.

What’s needed beyond visibility, control and response? Real-time policies for how users and devices connect and what they can access is critical, as well as robust guest access and strong enforcement capabilities. 

Learn more about ClearPass Policy Manager


Secure access for guest, BYOD, and corporate devices.

There are simple ways to let users securely connect devices to a network – without compromising security. ClearPass includes secure Wi-Fi guest access, device onboarding and health checks, and strong enforcement capabilities. 

Read about ClearPass Guest

How secure is your network?

IoT, BYOD and an always-on workforce are making the IT infrastructure more exposed to cyber attacks. See if your business is ready to face these threats.

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Download the Ponemon Survey for a closer look


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