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Arctic Wolf

Get better security effectiveness for your organization with the Arctic Wolf Platform® and Concierge Security® Team

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Personal, Predictable Protection

Simplify your security operations through Arctic Wolf's cloud-native security analytics platform

To successfully defend against today’s growing threat landscape requires analyzing massive amounts of data. This means gathering telemetry from a number of IT and security products and processing it as quickly as possible. While most organizations have tools that generate this data, they lack the ability to make sense of the data or get value from it.

Arctic Wolf® the leader in security operations uses the cloud-native Arctic Wolf™ Platform to deliver security operations as a concierge service. While other systems have very narrow visibility from limited dimensions, Arctic Wolf’s vendor- agnostic platform works with your existing technology stack and records more than 65 billion daily security events from networks, endpoints, and cloud infrastructure to eliminate blind spots.

"The top barrier to SOC success, according to 65 percent of respondents, is the lack of visibility into the IT security infrastructure and the top reason for SOC ineffectiveness, according to 69 percent, is lack of visibility into network traffic."

Ponemon Institute Research- Improving the Effectiveness of the SOC

Arctic Wolf Platform Overview

The platform is designed to collect, enrich, and analyze security data at scale, and is the foundation on which they build their solutions that are delivered by the Concierge Security® Team (CST).


Works with your existing technology stack to avoid vendor lock-in and reveal the big picture.

  • Broad visibility
  • Unlimited data
  • Generous retention

Adds context to collected data to create actionable intelligence

  • Threat intel
  • Digital risk
  • Broad perspective

Customized rules, machine learning, and multiple detection engines reduce alert fatigue

  • Cloud analytics
  • Customized rules
  • Alert aggregation

Key Features

Broad visibility

Arctic Wolf eliminates blind spots with complete visibility across endpoints, networks, and cloud.


Works with your existing IT and security systems to avoid vendor lock-in, while delivering multiple solutions from a single platform.

Predictable pricing and unlimited data

Arctic Wolf retains log source data for compliance purposes, and provides you with on-demand access to platform data with no limit on event volume and no additional fees.

Core technology already included

Core technologies like threat intelligence, advanced threat detection, and vulnerability management are included with Arctic Wolf.

Holistic and agnostic data sources

Enriches telemetry collected from your existing systems with data from multiple sources to add context without needing to rip and replace your existing products.




The Arctic Wolf Difference

Concierge Security Team

Unlike SIEMs—which are challenging to implement, complex to master, and impose high maintenance and tuning costs—the CST leverages the Arctic Wolf Platform, which works with your existing security systems and includes foundational technologies to collect multiple sources of telemetry, enrich it with holistic and agnostic data sources, and analyze it with machine learning and custom rules to eliminate alert fatigue.

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Arctic Wolf Sensor

The Arctic Wolf Sensor is a threat detection network appliance designed to continuously monitor your network for security threats and risks. The sensor collects data and telemetry from multiple sources, and stores it in the cloud for enrichment and analysis. Sources of telemetry include:

  • FW/UTM logs
  • IDS alerts
  • DNS logs
  • DNS logs
  • Active Directory
  • HTTP + TLS
  • Flow Data
  • Other logs
  • Server logs
  • Email Gateway
  • Wireless AP

Arctic Wolf Cloud Monitoring

Arctic Wolf Cloud Monitoring leverages API integrations with 3rd party data sources, commercial feeds, cloud log sources, and purpose-built cloud technologies to correlate, detect, and respond to threats against IaaS and SaaS platforms - generating meaningful security outcomes. It monitors:

  • IaaS: Azure, AWS
  • SaaS: Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Box, Gsuite
Arctic Wolf Agent

Included with all Arctic Wolf deployments, the Arctic Wolf™ Agent is lightweight software that installs on endpoints to collect actionable intelligence from your information technology (IT) environment, scan endpoints for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, and respond to threats when required. It monitors:

  • Geo-location of the asset (based on GeoIP)
  • Process tables
  • Installed software
  • SSL certificates
  • Wireless networks both available and in-use
  • Network configurations
  • ARP table information
  • Installed patches
  • Windows event logs
  • System configurations
  • Managed containment

Managed Risk Scanner

The Managed Risk Scanner is deployed as a virtual or physical appliance that completes scans of internal and external networks and cloud environments against known CVEs and account takeover data. The Scanner regularly conducts port scans to identify open services, and attempts access with usernames/passwords to assess their vulnerability or risk level. It scans and monitors the environment for:

  • Vulnerability data
  • Device inventory
  • Nmap data
  • DNS
  • Account takeover
  • Publicly accessible ports/services
  • OSWASP Top-10
  • Automated sub-domain detection

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