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Success at the Edge from End to End

On-Demand Webinar





Support your digital transformation with Edge Computing

Edge computing is designed to put applications and data closer to devices, and their users. While cloud computing drove the creation of mega data centers, edge computing brings distributed IT with an exponential number of micro data centers.  Join us as we explore how APC by Schneider Electric is here to help.
In this session, we will provide insights into the world of Edge Computing, the hybrid landscape of data centers and the thread (network) that stitches the industry together.  We will discuss the major needs and success strategies for Edge design, deployment and operational management. And we will take a high level look at a many verticals (healthcare, Gvt, SLED, Retail, etc) and see where they are in their edge strategy.
  • Original Air Date:
    May 26, 2020
  • On-Demand Webinar
  • Attendee Offer
    $20 Amazon Gift Card for those who complete a virtual appointment with APC

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