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SD-WAN with Aruba and Silver Peak

Making the Shift to a Business-First Networking Model

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Does Your WAN Continuously Learn and Adapt to the Needs of Your Business?

Shift to a modern business-driven SD-WAN edge that yields maximum value from your existing and ongoing cloud and digital transformation initiatives.


What is SD-WAN?

Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) is a new way to orchestrate routing over any mix of WAN connections - like broadband, MPLS and LTE. It improves your Total Cost of Ownership and makes the WAN much easier to deploy and manage.

SD-WAN also increases application performance and delivers a high-quality user experience by using a centralized control function to securely and intelligently direct traffic across the WAN. Businesses who utilize SD-WAN see an increase in business productivity, agility, and reduced costs for IT. 




How does an SD-WAN Work?

An SD-WAN enables cloud-first enterprises to deliver a superior application quality of experience (QoEX) for users. Using intelligence and by identifying applications, an SD-WAN provides application-aware routing across the WAN. Each class of applications receives the appropriate QoS and security policy enforcement, all in accordance with business needs.

Secure local internet breakout of IaaS and SaaS application traffic from the branch provides the highest levels of cloud performance while protecting the enterprise from threats. Unlike SD-WAN, the conventional router-centric model distributes the control function across all devices in the network and simply routes traffic based on TCP/IP addresses and ACLs. This model tends to be rigid, inefficient and not cloud-friendly, resulting in a poor user experience.

What are the benefits of SD-WAN?

Not all SD-WANs are created equal. By building a better WAN with Aruba and Silver Peak, customers realize an extended range of benefits:

  • Lower WAN OPEX and CAPEX
  • Greater business agility and responsiveness
  • Increased application performance across the WAN
  • Assure business intent with advanced application visibility and control
  • Robust edge-to-edge security and micro-segmentation
  • Extensibility to 3rd party products via service chaining



Aruba and Silver Peak have joined forces to help customers accelerate their move to the cloud.

Digital transformation, the continued migration of applications and infrastructure to the cloud, and the increase of remote workers are fueling the need to transform traditional wide area network (WAN) and security architectures. Keerti Melkote, President and Co-founder of Aruba, and David Hughes, CEO of Silver Peak, break down how Aruba and Silver Peak are taking an end-to-end approach to help customers modernize and secure their cloud architectures—while significantly reducing costs.

Your journey to SD-WAN

Embarking on a WAN and security transformation journey enables enterprises to realize a multiplier effect from their existing and future cloud investments. As enterprises continue their investments in the cloud, transformation of both WAN and security architectures will ultimately pave the path to delivering higher end-user quality of experience, increasing productivity, and accelerating new revenue streams.

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Why choose VLCM? 

Well first off, thank you for considering us! Organizations choose VLCM because we have the technical expertise to get the job done, and get the IT right. We were named Aruba's West Region Partner of the Year for 2020 for the world-class service we provide for our customers. Our engineers also hold Aruba's highest networking certifications. 

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