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HPE Greenlake: The Cloud Experience Everywhere

HPE GreenLake brings the cloud experience: self-serve, pay-per-use, scale up and down and managed for you by HPE, to apps and data everywhere, in edges, co-locations and data centers; enabling you to free up capital, boost operational and financial flexibility and free up talent to accelerate what’s next for you. With HPE GreenLake, consumers get cloud services that are production-ready, elastic, and for any scale, with a simple experience delivered to their locations in as little as 14 days.

Get the Cloud Experience

Pay per use
HPE GreenLake speeds insights to unlock data’s value, with pay-per-use and financial flexibility for new ventures and business operations, so you can free up capital, and boost operational and financial flexibility

Scale up and down
HPE GreenLake helps you create essential data and analytics services core to digital transformation, in your locations. HPE speeds insights for data science teams to unlock data’s value with pay-per-use, scale-up-and-down freedom

Simplified IT
Centralize operations and insights across your hybrid estate from a single intuitive self-service platform, HPE GreenLake Central. Get a unified view, monitor usage, cost performance, compliance and more.

Managed for you

Offload monitoring and management of your on-premises cloud and public clouds, securely managed from our world-class IT Operations Centers helping you free up your resources to be more productive.

Why Everything-as-a-Service? 

HPE GreenLake Services

HPE GreenLake services deliver workload-optimized infrastructure, complementary software, and services to you on premises, to support your top workloads. Customers choose their workloads from emerging apps and data at the edge to the most data-intensive apps and high performance computing needs, optimized for the capacity you need, with purpose-built technology when – and where – it’s needed.

HPE GreenLake Central

Virtual Machines
Machine Learning
Private Cloud

Data Protection
Big Data
HPE Performance Compute
High Performance Compute
Database Platform

Governance & Management




Protect your data edge-to-cloud

With cloud services for data protection through HPE GreenLake:

  • Make data protection effortless as you meet every SLA at the right cost
  • Protect your data as-a-service with elastic scale and pay-per-use
  • Unlock the true value of your data and transform it to a value-added service

on premises


Rapidly recover data on premises with robust, capacity-efficient, enterprise-wide data protection.



Modernize backup and recovery to/from cloud, and re-activate data for added value



Speed insights at the intelligent edge

With cloud services for data protection through HPE GreenLake:

  • Keep your Aruba network performing optimally with proactive service management 
  • Gain insights and efficiencies from Service Intelligence data analytics, workflow automation, and KPI alerting 
  • Choose your flexible service levels for onboarding, operating and updating your
    Aruba network


Give your business the freedom to move with speed, agility, and efficiency infographic

Read this infographic to know how to drive your business smarter with AI-driven HPE storage and the consumption-based economics of HPE GreenLake to get the agility of cloud with the control of an on-premises solution.

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Why HPE everything as a service is a game changer for your business infographic

Unleash your business with everything-as-a-service solutions from HPE. Experience the simplicity, security, and control of elastic IT with financial flexibility—on-premises and on your terms.

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HPE GreenLake Service Brief

This service brief provides an overview of HPE GreenLake. HPE GreenLake is an as-a-service offering that brings the cloud experience to customers' apps and data everywhere.

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Four Essential Steps to Adopting IT-as-a-Service business white paper

This paper guides organization on how to deliver the cloud experience on-premises. It focuses on helping companies achieve a public cloud-like experience on-premises: a pay-per-use, elastic IT consumption model.

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