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Transform Your IT Infrastructure Without Replacing Your Existing Systems

Unrivaled Resilience

Designed for 99.9999% data availability, HPE Alletra dHCI offers a level of resilience unmatched in the industry.


With HPE Alletra dHCI, independently grow your compute and storage, enabling you to scale efficiently as your business demands grow.

Rapid Speed

Achieve sub-millisecond latency with HPE Alletra dHCI, enhancing the speed and responsiveness of your applications.


HPE Alletra dHCI comes with integrated encryption and data protection, ensuring your critical business data remains secure at all times.

Get more from your HPE ProLiant servers with HPE Alletra dHCI

Are you looking to maximize your IT investments while simplifying your infrastructure? Discover the power of HPE Alletra dHCI, a revolutionary solution that offers the simplicity of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) with the flexibility of independent scaling, performance, and data efficiency. And with VLCM, you have a trusted partner to guide you every step of the way.

Why HPE Alletra dHCI?

HPE Alletra dHCI merges the best of HCI and AI technology. It integrates hyperconverged control with disaggregated compute and storage for simple management on a flexible architecture, providing fast application performance, always-on data resilience, and resource efficiency. Experience the power of a solution designed for today's virtualized environments and future applications, without the need for new servers or switches.

The VLCM Advantage

Partnering with VLCM to implement your HPE Alletra dHCI solution ensures you’re working with a team that has decades of experience, deep industry knowledge, and a commitment to customer service. We simplify the complexities of IT, allowing you to focus on driving your business forward. Let us help you Get IT Right!

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Learn more about HPE Alletra dHCI

HPE Alletra dHCI is different from traditional HCI

HPE Alletra dHCI is a new approach to hyperconverged infrastructure that offers several benefits over traditional HCI solutions, such as faster data access, better performance, cloud-native design, unmatched resiliency and data efficiency, simplified management, and hybrid cloud integration.

Get more from your HPE ProLiant servers with HPE Alletra dHCI

Maximize the value of your HPE ProLiant Servers with HPE Alletra dHCI. This innovative solution integrates with your existing systems to boost performance, resilience, and efficiency, without the need for replacement. Step up your IT infrastructure game and enhance your operations with HPE Alletra dHCI.