Celebrating 40 Years of Getting IT Right

Honoring Four Decades of IT Innovation & Partnership

As we mark 40 years of dedication to excellence in IT solutions, we take a moment to reflect on our journey. From humble beginnings selling center-pivot irrigation systems to farmers to becoming a leading IT solutions provider, our path has been paved with innovation, perseverance, and most importantly, impactful partnerships. This milestone offers a unique opportunity to explore our history, share your experiences, and join us in commemorating four decades of Getting IT Right.





40 Year Anniversary Press Release

Marking four decades of innovation and service, Utah's largest IT solution provider, VLCM, kickstarts its 40th-anniversary celebration with a series of events commencing at the IT eXchange Conference and Trade Show. The journey from selling center-pivot irrigation systems to providing comprehensive enterprise data, technology, and cybersecurity solutions encapsulates VLCM's constant evolution in the ever-changing technology landscape.

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Share your story

We value your experiences and insights. Share your VLCM story with us and contribute to our narrative. By submitting your testimonial, you'll help us understand better what works and where we can improve.

We kindly request your insights via the below questions listed in the following Form. Even if your time only allows for a single-question response, we greatly value and appreciate your input. 

  1. What challenge were you facing before you engaged with VLCM?
  2. How did VLCM help you overcome this challenge?
  3. What specific solution/service from VLCM helped you the most and why?
  4. Can you share a specific instance where VLCM made a significant difference for you?
  5. How has partnering with VLCM impacted your business/operations?
  6. What do you value the most about our partnership?
  7. Would you recommend VLCM to others? If yes, why?



40 Years of IT Innovations - Infographic

Dive into the fascinating history of IT with our specially designed infographic that celebrates 40 years of groundbreaking innovations. From the establishment of VLCM to major breakthroughs in storage solutions, virus removal, and the advent of cloud computing, our visual guide takes you on a remarkable journey through the milestones that have defined the IT landscape.

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40 Years, 40 Partnerships Blog Series

Delve into VLCM's longstanding tradition of impactful collaborations in our "40 Years, 40 Partnerships" series, showcasing the alliances that have driven our success over the past four decades. Stay with us as we journey through each of our key partnerships in various fields like Audiovisual, Backup and Recovery, End-User Computing, Infrastructure, Networking, Physical Security, and Voice, underscoring our unwavering commitment to meet our clients' evolving needs with innovative solutions.

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