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Enable Remote Work Security with WatchGuard

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Make remote work your new reality - without compromising your business

One of the challenges of enabling a mobile workforce is that the chances of being the subject of cyber attacks can increase significantly. Without the benefit of your core network protections, a user on the go could become infected without your knowledge, and even introduce the infection to your broader environment when they reconnect with your network.

Challenges of the remote worker


Mobile users are more susceptible than ever to phishing attacks


is becoming more sophisticated and spreads more easily

credential theft
Credential Theft

Compromised Credentials account for 90% of attacks

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Users are the first line of defense and often the least effective

home office
Home office threats
  • Access to company data/assets outside company network
  • Home WIFI vulnerabilities
  • Higher chance of using other devices (BYOD)
  • VPN connection practice may not be consistent

Strategies to enable secure remote work

zero trust ebook
Adopting the Zero-Trust Approach

Embrace the “never trust, always verify” approach to security that uses multiple levels of protection to prevent threats.

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Keeping Pace with Automation

Automation has been shown to reduce the staff hours teams spend on security management by as much as 80%.

user focus
Investing in User-Focused Security

Use Cloud-delivered security so users can work freely from the office, at home, or on-the-go.

  • User authentication
  • Always-on protection
  • Immediate response

Enabling remote work security with WatchGuard Automation Core

Automation is at the heart of the WatchGuard security platform - speeding up processes, killing threats, and empowering IT teams to do more with less. 

Enable significant advantages to IT teams including: 

  • Accelerated detection and response
  • Significant savings in staff hours and cost
  • Increased visibility and actionable insight

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With WatchGuard, you can increase remote worker security to keep your business going

  1. Scrutinize your business’s plan to continue operations while employees are out of the office
  2.  Revise policies to communicate expectations for remote and mobile workers
  3.  Teach employees how to avoid falling victim to cybersecurity attacks while working from home
  4.  Implement multi-factor authentication to protect identities and applications
  5.  Expand VPN capacity as needed for more remote access demand
  6.  Help remote employees enable secure Wi-Fi networks
  7.  Apply zero-trust principles across networks and applications

Want to know where to start? Chat with one of our cybersecurity experts to learn more about remote worker security.

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