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IT Security: 2 Ways

On-Demand Webinar



Learn how to increase your IT security and improve IT operations

Join us and IT partners, HPE and Cimitra to learn how to tackle IT security, two different ways. 

HPE takes the mic first, showing you how to defend against cyberattacks - right down to the silicon in your server infrastructure. Learn how to protect your enterprise with innovations in firmware protection, malware detection, and firmware recovery - all designed to guard against and recover from security attacks. 

Lastly, we hear from Cimitra and how their solution increases security by reducing admin-level rights. You'll learn how your IT specialists can safely divvy out routine IT tasks that will not only save you time, but also money. With Cimitra, any routine problem can be solved with a command, or a script (PowerShell, Bash, Python, etc.) can be shared in a user-friendly way.

About VLCM Cybersecurity

VLCM’s Cybersecurity Team offers leading industry expertise to design, implement, and support the right cybersecurity solutions. VLCM’S Cybersecurity architects Get IT Right by implementing layered security strategies, and partner with a wide range of industry-leading IT security vendors to develop the best cybersecurity defense for your unique organization.

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