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General Questions

How does VLCM Foundation raise money?

Right now, there are three ways we raise funds for cancer research. The first--and most significant--method is the Huntsman Golf Classic golf tournament. The second is through donations not associated with any event. The third is through AmazonSmile.

Is my personal information ever shared outside VLCM Foundation?

Not without your explicit permission. 

How can I support VLCM Foundation without making a donation?

If you're interested in volunteering at the Huntsman Golf Classic golf tournament, please contact Cally Simpson at to see if we have a need for help. Another way you can support VLCM Foundation is through AmazonSmile. Lastly, you can support us by following us on social media or our blog, and sharing anything you find interesting with the people you're close to.


Donation Questions

How much of my donation actually supports cancer research?

100%. Donations of goods and services, or those that come from trade or MDF are the exceptions to this rule. This is something unique that we're really proud to be able to do. Read how we do this.

Does VLCM Foundation accept trade?

Yes, there is one level of sponsorship at the Huntsman Golf Classic golf tournament for which we accept trade--the Hole Sponsorship. Find more details on our tournament page.

Does VLCM Foundation accept MDF?

Since MDF cannot be used for charity purposes, funds we receive this way can't be used to support cancer research. For that reason, we approve the use of MDF funds as a form of payment on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Cally Simpson at with inquiries.

Can I donate goods or services rather than money?

Yes! If it's something we can use, we're more than happy to accept such donations. Decreasing our costs helps us to free up money in the budget to use elsewhere and hopefully raise even more money for cancer research. Please contact Cally Simpson at with any questions.


Tax Questions

Are my donations tax deductible?

Both donations for the Huntsman Golf Classic golf tournament and donations not associated with any event are tax deductible. We are not tax experts, so please talk with yours about this.

What is VLCM Foundation's tax ID?


How much can I claim on my taxes if I make a donation?

If you make a donation not associated with any event, you can claim 100% of your donation. If you make a donation associated with the Huntsman Golf Classic golf tournament, the amount varies based on the sponsorship level at which you donate. Please contact Cally Simpson at for more information, and make sure to speak with your tax expert about this.


United Against Cancer Golf Tournament Questions

What happens after I register for the Huntsman Golf Classic golf tournament?

Find out what to expect here if you're new to the tournament.

Do tournament donations pay the costs of the event?

No. 100% of donations (excluding goods, services, trade, and MDF) are used to directly support cancer research. Learn how we do this here.

Will VLCM Foundation fund raise in ways other than the Huntsman Golf Classic golf tournament in the future?

We're working on it! If you have any suggestions, let Cally Simpson know at 


If you didn't find the answers to your question here, contact Cally Simpson at 

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"Thank you for putting on a wonderful event for an even better cause. We were grateful for the opportunity to participate."
- Alan Smart, Jorgenson Companies

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