Fortinet Network Firewalls (NGFWs)

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Protect, consolidate, and enable work from anywhere to deliver best-in-class enterprise security

FortiGate Network Firewalls enable organizations to build security-driven networks that weave AI/ML-powered FortiGuard services deep into the Hybrid IT architecture to secure any edge at any scale, providing more visibility, consistent, coordinated end-to-end security policy, and optimal user experience. Fortinet leverages efficient supply chain management to meet customer delivery and installation timelines.

FortiGate NGFWs deliver industry-leading enterprise security for any edge at any scale with full visibility and threat protection. Organizations can weave security deep into the hybrid IT architecture and build security-driven networks to achieve:

  • Ultra-fast security, end to end
  • Consistent real-time defense with FortiGuard Services
  • Excellent user experience with security processing units
  • Operational efficiency and automated workflows

Key Features of Fortinet NGFWs


Visibility Protection

Full Visibility and Protection

Stop ransomware, command-and-control attacks, and other hidden threats with SSL inspection (including TLS 1.3) and automated threat protection.

AI-ML Powered

Fortiguard Security Services

Consolidate and concurrently run IPS, web and video filtering, and DNS security services to reduce costs and manage risks. 

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Natively Integrated Proxy

Add FortiClient and deliver seamless user experience and security to the hybrid workforce with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

Hyperscale Security

Hyperscale Security

Build ultra-scalable security-driven networks to meet escalating business demands.

Fabric Integration

Security Fabric Integration

Share actionable threat intelligence across the entire attack surface to build a consistent and coordinated end-to-end security posture. 

Automation Driven Network

Automation-Driven Network Management

Build large-scale and efficient operations with an easy-to-use centralized management console.

Five Mistakes to Avoid When Securing a Hybrid network Thumbnail


Five common mistakes when securing hybrid networks

Consolidation and integration of networking and security is the best strategy to secure all your network edges and ensure optimal user experience. Read the new paper to learn:

  • What Gartner says about the future of telework and on-prem data centers
  • Common network security mistakes
  • How to achieve consistent protection, visibility, and control across environments

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