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Do we need a CISO?

September 23 Webinar



80% of American businesses do not have a Chief Information Security Officer. IT Staff and Management scramble to answer security questionnaires, determine whether or not to pursue SOC 2 or ISO 27001 certifications, maintain regulatory compliances, manage cyber policies, and ensure correct incident response procedures. In this webinar, Trusted VLCM Partner, Webcheck Security, will discuss cyber program management and Fractional CISO (FISO) concepts. Join us in this expert webinar as Webcheck CEO and Author Greg Johnson presents material surrounding:

  • Security Questionnaires

  • Use cases – perhaps your organization can relate to one or more of the discussed scenarios

  • Cyber Governance

  • Cyber Policy

  • Incident Respond Plans and Playbooks

  • Determining Cyber Risk in a Dollar Value

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VLCM Cybersecurity

VLCM’s Cybersecurity Team offers leading industry expertise to design, implement, and support the right cybersecurity solutions. VLCM’S Cybersecurity architects Get IT Right by implementing layered security strategies, and partnering with a wide range of industry-leading IT security vendors to develop the best cybersecurity defense for your unique organization.

  • When
    Friday, September 23
    10:30 a.m. MT
  • Zoom Webinar
    Check Zoom's system requirements in advance to ensure a smooth experience
  • About Greg Johnson, CEO of Webcheck Security
    Greg Johnson is a cyber security Author, and the CEO of Webcheck Security, a world-class penetration testing and risk mitigation company.
    Greg Johnson Bio

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