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Since 2001, eFileCabinet has been at the forefront of document management solutions. eFileCabinet has assisted businesses across hundreds of industries manage their important documents with intelligent organization, allowing them to refocus their efforts and resources on more significant activities by reducing the amount of mundane busy work.

eFileCabinet’s flagship platform, Rubex, is an intuitive and powerful solution for organizing your documents and reimagining your most common business processes. Folder templates and full-text search are just a few features that make it so you never lose another document. Zonal OCR and workflow tools provide ways to automate your office’s most redundant tasks, boosting efficiency and freeing up more resources. Rubex by eFileCabinet also provides a secure avenue for sharing files with outside parties directly from the interface.


  • Cloud/On-Premise Document Management

    Secure File Sharing

    Automated Workflow

    Optical Character Recognition

    Mobile Document Management


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