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Check Point and Chocolate! 

A security webinar with a tasty, Valentine's Day twist



Security Webinar + Chocolate Tasting Event

Is your cloud migration strategy secure? There are many important security principles to consider and understand when migrating to Azure, including Cloud Network Security, Cloud Compliance, and Data Security. Watch our Premiere Chocolate Tasting Event with Check Point and Microsoft, just in time for Valentine's Day!

Check Point CloudGuard IaaS for Azure enables customers to confidently extend security to their Azure cloud infrastructure with the full range of protections of the Check Point threat prevention architecture. CloudGuard IaaS for Azure prevents network attacks and data breaches while enabling secure connectivity to Azure public cloud environments including those built on software-defined data center technology. 

In the webinar, you learn: 

  • How to move and secure a cloud environment presented by Check Point and Microsoft
  • Check Point's cloud security blueprint, which helps customers design secure cloud architectures with CloudGuard cloud security solutions
  • Customer common use cases

The Chocolate Tasting:

Following the webinar, we begin the Chocolate Tasting portion of the event, hosted by Dallmann Confections. 

Chocolate is a versatile and delicious treat. While you may be more familiar with the box of chocolates you get from any grocery store or mall, our chocolates are made with the finest European chocolate handmade by a third-generation Austrian chocolatier. And our tasting events are an exploration to remember. 

Dallmann’s goal is to introduce you to our handmade hand-picked chocolates by Isabella Knack, the owner and head chocolatier at Dallmann Confections. The chocolate tasting experience we provide will take you on a virtual tour that taps into each taste bud transporting you on a culinary journey of fusion flavors and delectable delights.

What to expect: 

  • A selection of assorted artisan truffles will be shipped to your door prior to the Tasting
  • A discussion on how to taste chocolate, and the bean-t0-bar process
  • A discussion about what artisan chocolate is
  • Q + A after the tasting
    • Air Date
      February 11, 2021
    • Zoom Webinar
      Check Zoom's system requirements in advance to ensure a smooth experience
    • Valentine's Chocolate Tasting
      Hosted by Dallmann Confections



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