Storage with a baked-in cloud experience for all your apps

Webinar + Virtual Baking Class



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Dust off the rolling pin and hone in your best (or beginner!) baking skills for this exciting, on-demand webinar and baking class. First, learn how to seamlessly power your data — from edge to cloud — with a cloud experience for all your apps with HPE's premiere storage product: HPE Alletra. Following the presentation, enjoy a 90-minute bake-along demonstration on how to make an Apple Tart Tatin, presented by experts chefs on Zoom. 

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • HPE Alletra delivers mission-critical reliability without sacrificing agility.
  • Effortlessly manage fleets of any size across disparate geographies.
  • Meet any SLA — from core mission-critical and business-critical apps, to remote edge needs, to test/dev and analytics in the cloud.
  • Air Date
    November 30, 2021
  • Apple Tartin Baking Class
    Hosted by Fest Cooking
    Download Recipe

Watch the webinar and baking class below in snippets or in full