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What your donation can pay for

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A $50 donation can buy one liter of polyethylene to help scientists test whether blood vessels have formed to support tumors.

$100 is enough to buy a liter of acetone, a commonly used chemical in labs. It's used as a solvent for chemical reactions and to clean equipment.

One of the most recognizable and critical items in research is lab gloves. A $500 donation can pay for 6 cases of them.

In order to reduce the risk of skin cancer, a $2,500 donation can provide 10,000 people with samples of sun screen.

Donating $5,000 will fund a system that supports molecular imaging by funding a system that tests the quality of materials used in PET scans.


$10,000 covers the cost of a sub-80° freezer. It could also pay for the equipment to sequence a genome and custom printers for gene panels.


Following the money

Following the Money

The reason 100% of the money donated to VLCM Foundation can be donated to fund cancer research is because the full cost of the tournament, including employee wages, is paid by VLCM from the money made in the process of providing IT services to other companies.

The golf tournament serves two purposes. VLCM could simply donate $100,000 to Huntsman Cancer Institute every year, but holding the golf tournament allows us to turn that $100,000 into more money for research. The tournament has also helped us to build a community of close friends, vendors, industry partners, and customers who care about advancing research which aims to find better treatments and cures for cancer - a disease that impacts us all in some way.

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"Thank you for putting on a wonderful event for an even better cause. We were grateful for the opportunity to participate."
- Alan Smart, Jorgenson Companies

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